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Thinning Asian pears

9 years ago

Hi everyone! I bought a semi dwarf Asian pear tree last year. I cant remember what kind. It's either Shinseiki or Hosui. (not sure of spelling) After I bought it, I read that you need to have two in order to have them pollinated. My tree took forever to start leafing out. I actually thought it was dead and the very day I went to take it back to the nursery, it popped out a couple of leaflets. It flowered nicely. Not a lot of blooms but they all got pollinated and now I have seven baby pears all on the same branch. I wasn't expecting to have any fruit. I had so many blossoms on my apple tree and not one single one turned into an apple.

Anyways, do I cut some off? Leave it alone? If I do cut some off, how do I pick which ones? Does it matter?

The tree is putting out new blossoms now. I've never had any experience with this type of tree before so I am worried I will not take care of it correctly.

I would appreciate any advice. Thank you! Jude

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