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My hillbilly trellis, anyone else add your trellises

14 years ago

It's almost tomato ('mater) season here, I thought I'd share this bohemian trellis I threw together one day (literally, obviously) in '06 for my tomatoes, cucumbers, and mini gourds to climb on. Kept it for a couple of seasons, then tore down.

I dragged the cane off the neighbor's curb, who had put it there for city brush pick up. These photos don't show all the doo-dads that got added to it, but before long, I had quite a lot of different suncatchers, and metal items hung on it. The pink mandivillas on either side climbed up and over the top, and there was a clematis in the center corner, but I don't have any more photos of it that I can find.

I know, it was crude, but I enjoyed it anyways. I have been watching for the neighbor to cut some more cane this spring, and I hope to make some better trellises in panels that I would attach or remove to/from the deck rails, rather than just building directly onto the rails. That way they could be made much prettier (I could reach the top safely, my deck is about 30ft off the ground in that corner), then I could take the cane panels into basement for winter storage and they would last longer.

Anyone else make trellises? I just love using any materials available for them, including a brass headboard and footboard, a room divider, and other things. Don't be shy, I know everyone's trellis would look better than this, point is, I had a day of great fun building it! ~tenderlee

In the 2nd pic the tomatoes had actually filled out. I still grow cukes, gourds, and peppers here, but I had to quit fighting the losing battle with the squirrels! They would even eat green tomatoes right on the vine! Even after spending $40 on garden netting, they still got to them. So squirrels are not my friends now! LOL ... they're still cute though, but they dig in all my potted plants, and eat so many of my garden veggies! And they love to eat the mandivilla blossoms right before they open! ERRRR!



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