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Looks like water drops, but it's some clear (maybe sticky) ooze

15 years ago

I noticed a few weeks ago that my peach tree had these little clear "drops" that looked like water drops at the base of their leaves. A few days ago I spotted some thrips, and today I noticed that when I handled the tree, it was sticky. I don't know if they are all related. I tried to have the thrips ID'd at, but only got an unsure response that it looked like a predatory thrip- not sure. Anyway, I thought the drops were just on my peach, but today I noticed one on a maturing raspberry fruit in close proximity. i also saw one on the peach that was not at the base, but on a leaf. Other than that, they are all at the base of the leaves.

All my plants are young (got them this year) and I am growing them in containers on my balcony.

Does anyone have any idea if all these things are related, or what type of thrips like peach trees (mine was black with three white bands across the thorax (?) area- there were also completely brown thrips that were smaller on the same tree, perhaps an adolescent of the black one?) and if I need to be concerned, and, lastly, what could be causing the stickiness? No aphids spotted!


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