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wine barrel metal bands ideas...

13 years ago

wine barrel metal bands ideas...

Hi! I posted my metal band ideas for my front porch Christmas decoration. Put some stars in side and added a bow. I think they look cool. Some one said that they had the same bands, (I'm sure a LOT of us do!) and was trying to come up with ideas! Why don't we help her out?

I WAS going to make something else with them (aobut 10 years ago.! lol never did it though... )

I was going to get threaded pipe and nuts and maybe washers that fit the pipe. then I was going to drill 2 holes in the band, directly across from each other. Big enough to fit over the pipe, but not TOO big. Then screw on a nut, and put a washer on top of that so maybe the bands could twirl. I figured if you laid them down, with the bands inside a bigger one, you could maybe slide one side on at a time... first a nut, then slide on the bigger band a little way down, then a nut and the smaller one, and a nut and a smaller one, then you would have to keep screing the nuts down the pipe till you got to the holes on the other side, and do it all over again!

wow, now wonder I didn't do it! LOL

well, now that I typed all that out, I was just thinking! use a non threaded pipe, and figure out how far down you would need to go to get all three on, one inside the other and just epoxy some kind of stopper there. then you could just slide on a big bead, or big nut or some other spacer and slide everthing else on! that sounds easier! lol sheesh!

or you could stack them, one on top of the other on the pipe.... or attach to individual pipes, rebar and just place at varying heights in the garden.

sorry.. I guess I not only talk a lot, I type a lot too! ahahahaha

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