No more need for bagging - no more need for pesticides

11 years ago

I finally figured out how to battle Spotted Wing Drosophila, which is a pesky fruit fly that will lay eggs in any almost ripe soft fruit. The solution is amazingly simple, I never thought it would be this easy.

I went ahead and wrapped my cherry trees in tule, which is fine meshed nylon fabric typically used for veils on wedding dresses. The mesh is find enough to prevent the tiny fruit fly from getting in, and it's not hard to wrap the tree so that there are no holes - I just use clothespins and binder clips to seal the netting, it has to be sealed against the trunk and all holes have to be sealed as well.

What I realize is that this is also a full proof method against apple moths, coddling moths and other pests, especially on the east coast. Plus, it keeps birds out completely. Seems this approach would eliminate the need for bagging fruits and spraying nasty pesticides.

we had lots of rain in May, and I also found out that the tule fabric kept a bit of the rain out so that the number of cherries that burst from the wetness was reduced by 80%.

By adding a little GF-120 inside the netting, it's easy to make sure that any errand bug that manages to get in would get taken care of as well. But you have to net early. For coddling moths it means right after petal fall. I've not tried it on apples yet since the traps and Bt works like a charm.

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