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I tell most people to skip growing tree fruit

12 years ago

I just think its too much for "city" folks to deal with.

The tree selections (whats hardy/isn't), the weather (late frost/freezes), the PESTS (oh God help me!), the diseases, pruning/training (I'm still clueless)...timing everything (spraying/fertilizing/fungicides (PLC!)/etc)... I've talked to a lot of people in the last few weeks/months about gardening, etc and whenever the talk turns to tree fruit (apples mainly) I tell them straight up that they are way too much work and then even if you get them through the gauntlet of pests and disease you'll end up having some squirrel rob you blind! Most say they want to grow organically and I just smile as I picture the curculio's snout and the chafer beetles humping each other while they gorge on unripened peaches and the following July swarm of Japanese beetles... Yeah.. go ahead and give it a shot, but expect the worst.

Maybe I'm wrong, but around these parts, its tough trying to grow tree fruit without some fenced in orchard, PHOSMET, and good weather.

To be fair I tell them that berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries) are almost idiot proof, expensive to buy in the store (good return on investment) and are full of nutrients.

I'll continue to grow tree fruit and expect many, many failures, knowing that the chainsaw is fully fueled and ready to go at any moment (I hate apple trees!).

Go ahead and fire away! I'm an eternal pessimist :(

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