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Please share pics of houseplants summering outside. Some of mine)

11 years ago

I'll hate to bring these in from outside. How are your plants doing? Where do you keep them? In sun? In shade? Please. let's see some of your happy campers!

A few group plantings.









A variegated Oleander


Murraya Paniculata. VERY fragrant!


Chinese Perfume Tree in the center. Fragrant


Another Piniculta


Gold Fish plant



Variegated stick plant and a few others



A few Orchids some re-flowering and very fragrant



Variegated 'Gollum' jade plant


A couple of special Hoya plants starting to flower



Desert rose starting to flower.



Here are just a few. we would love to see a few of yours before the fall approaches. Thank you:-)


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