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The End is Near, my friends, the End is Near!

13 years ago

I've been chopping things off, cutting them down, grinding them up, mulching them, or otherwise getting rid of them.

It's that time of year. Potatoes -- dug. Squash and pumpkins - curing in the garage. Cornstalks, cut. Sunflowers and amaranth stalks, pulled. Melons, cucumbers, various asian vine crops are all pulled up, but not completely cleaned up yet.

In some ways, I find it almost as satisfying to see the nice, clean, open space again as I do to see it lush and green in July.

There are some things that still have a ways to go. My tomatoes are really just no peaking, thanks to deer delay. Peppers are loaded. I'm letting the last beans go to seed for dry beans and planting stock. The fall things, of course, will be there for a while.

With any luck, by this weekend, I'll have several smaller beds planted into cereal grains, larkspur, spinach, and some other things to overwinter for next year's growth.

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