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Brussel Sprouts Never Sprouted!!

13 years ago

So this was our first year with a veggie garden, my husband more experienced than me. He has had good success in the past with brussel sprouts, but this year the plants came up, lots of leaves, but no sprouts along the stalk! Is this a pollination/male-female thing? I asked here about a month ago regarding the low yield on my pattypans despite a ton of flowers, and someone suggested they were probably mostly male flowers (I had no idea), so maybe this is another sex issue with the plant?

We had a cooler and wetter summer than usual here in SE MI, and I think that is the reason some things did not do well like the squash, broccoli, we got powdery mildew on a lot of things too. Even the tomatoes have not done particularly well. We did get a great crop of swiss chard, though, and the yellow wax beans were pretty steady. Celery not too bad, either. I'm juicing it because it's a bit stringy.

Any idea what's up with the brussel sprouts?

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