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Help save my peach tree

14 years ago

I planted a row of dwarf fruit trees in a raised bed on the back of my property in the Spring of 2005. That summer I lost one of the peach trees--it was loaded with little peached and then leaves suddenly turned yellow, the fruits shriveled, and the tree died. I thought it might come back the following spring, but it did not. It's twin survived just fine and has grown considerably--until now. Now the leaves are uniformily turning yellow with little brown spots. The fruits are shrivled (and the tree was loaded for the first time) and the leaves are dropping like crazy. All other trees in the bed are doing great, but none of them are peach trees. We have had a wet spring here in the DC metro area, and we recently installed new sod, which has to be watered regularly. Is this too much water or something else? I don't see any ooze or sawdust near the base of the tree and I have never sprayed. Thanks for any help you can provide. Please help save my little peach tree!

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