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Rubber Plant - Can't see to grow new stems!

15 years ago

Hi :)

So, my rubber plant attempted suicide this past April, which was a wake-up call that it needed help! More specifically, it fell off my desk due to being top-heavy and spilled all over the floor, and broke a couple leaves and its new growth.

Fast forward a month -- I was hoping this would inspire it to grow more branches -- it grew only one branch, which is now growing straight up, and alone. Now the plant is beginning to lean again! Its new pot is heavy enough to handle the leaning, but I'd like the leaning not to be an issue.

Anyhow, the new stem is growing one to two leaves a week steadily (7 total), and is already about 6 to 8 inches tall above the main trunk (which is about 24 inches tall and half of an inch thick). The main trunk has 11 leaves, the lower couple leaves are slighly browned/rotted in spots from a year ago when I was living somewhere with very little natural light. This plant is the variegated variety, with a pink/purple tinge to new growth that fades over time to a yellowish-white.

Anyways! I've read some threads here and I'm considering cutting at the main trunk and re-propagating the cutting while having the original plant recover. I'm just wondering how far down I should cut, and what's the best and safest propagation method this time of year. My thought was to stick the cutting in the same pot, so I get more of a shrub for the moment.. I'd love for it to grow tall, but like most parents I'd like it to be able to support itself eventually.. lol!

So, how far down should I cut, what should I use to propagate (I don't have rooting hormone around.. maybe I should get some?), and if placing it in the same pot is ideal. Or is it best to wait for another time of year?

I'm in a very very humid climate here, and it gets west partial sun (though the plant has never been particularly picky about sunlight, as long as it gets some indirectly).


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