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Ficus lyrata problems since move.

14 years ago

My fabulous ficus lyrata, my pride and joy, seems to be suffering in my new apartment. It's a big one: About 7' tall and 6' wide with several branches covered with leaves. Several leaves toward the center of the tree have been turning brown and falling off in the past month. Also, some new leaf growth is stunted and curled. (I took photos but don't see a way to post here.) I'm not sure what's causing these problems and would love feedback from experienced ficus lyrata owners.

It received direct light about half the day at my old apartment and I turned it every two weeks. It's in the corner of my new place, which is way too small to turn it, and the window receives somewhat less direct light. However, I supplement it with a grow-light placed underneath and shining upwards into the non-window side. I wonder if this lighting situation is a cause of the problems.

Also, it's very root-bound, but I've been afraid to repot because I'm worried it would get much larger, and at that point it wouldn't fit into a San Francisco apartment. I noticed that most water I pour onto the soil seems to run straight through into the tray lately. I wonder if this could also be causing problems.

I dust the leaves regularly. I can't find any pests.

I'm considering trimming the branches considerably and repotting to give the roots more room while making it small enough for me to turn. I don't want to shock the tree too much, so would probably do one of these things, give it a month to recover, then do the other.

Does anyone have any better ideas? Dire warnings? Seasoned advice? I would be heartbroken if I killed it. Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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