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Secret Santa Picture Time

11 years ago

Ok I guess i'll be first: What an awesome Christmas, Azcactusflower was my Secret Santa and boy did she put together some awesome goodies for me. I truly appreciate the thoughtfulness of the items selected. Here is a picture of all my goodies, there was two sunny faces that I'll be hanging on either my fence or on my storage shed , there was a bakers rolling pin, ceramic snail, ceramic flower pot, ceramic bell, Christmas dish towel, Christmas coffee mug with hot coco mix, welcome sign thingy, several ornaments, one was an S which is for Sandy and is current hanging on my Christmas Tree, one was a beautiful butterfly, also a long butterfly stringer that I'll hang on my storage shed. I also received some ornamental artichoke seeds that I'll be planting come spring, a Desert in Bloom 2012 calendar and two drink coasters and two little pink piggy's. Thanks so very much Azcactusflower . I truly enjoyed reading the note you included in the box and I'll find a use for all the goodies I received. Merry Christmas: Thank You, SandyL

Here is a picture: {{gwi:128984}}

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