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spider plant baby problem

10 years ago

hello all

this is my first time I write to you

I have a really problem with spider plant babies

I have a spider plant with babies and the babies have good roots . I cut one off it's mother and put it in the soil (which is peat moss only)

I know that over-watering will cause root rot

so I have sprayer now and I spray the leaves of baby at morning and at night everyday . this will make the soil wet not soggy

the weather is so hot about 34 degree Celsius

I put the baby in bright area

no direct sunlight

even I do this but I feel that it will die

please help me .. there is no baby continued living with me I don't know what is the wrong

my questions are :

Is the soil type I used (peat moss) alone sufficient to it?

or I have to add another type of soil ?

Is my watering way good? or I should let it dry too much before watering again?

I see like it is wilting . is this due to the hot weather?

please look at the picture and tell me what should I do?

I wrote to you because there is no baby alive with all my attempts until now and the reason is unknown to me

thank you

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