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Bush Cherries - Good varieties and growing in containers?

13 years ago

I'm thinking about planting a bush cherry. I will mainly use it for fresh eating, sweeter tasting the better. I have a 15 gallonish container I'd prefer to plant it in if they do well in containers, though I cant find much info. Carmine Jewel sounds like a good variety, but I'd have to wait till next spring since none of the gardens alive places appear to ship it after june 10th. Nankings sound like they may be ok, but I heard you often need at least 2 for pollination. Hansen's sand cherry also sounds good but I've heard people have pretty mixed results with it. Any recommendations? Also, it needs to look nice as my wife doesnt like my fruit projects. Can't find any blooming pics of Carmine Jewel, but I assume it looks nice? Any suggestions for me?

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