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14 years ago

This topic has to do with junk, but not garden junk, so I put it on the Conversations side. I've had this idea for a while and y'all might just think I'm crazy, and that's okay I've probably been called worse lol.

I think if you had the right artsy type canned good labels decopauged onto a old tin/metal (cheap) serving tray, for example, that it would look really cool, and maybe make neat gifts too. Of course you would crop out everything except the pretty parts of the label.

I told some foreign internet buddies this idea a few years ago and they thought I was surely a loon ... well maybe so, but they weren't garden junkers. The reason I mentioned it to them was because I was hoping some of them would send me some unusual labels from areas like Australia, England, Scotland, etc. If I could get my hands on some unusual labels, it would make all the difference in the appeal of the finished tray.

I have saved many pretty labels for about 10 years now, but most are pretty common to us all. Old pieces of wallpaper might work for this, I have no experience with decoupage whatsoever.

I have been successful in soaking a few wine labels, balsamic vinegar & olive oil labels, etc, The tray could be made according to its intended purpose. i.e. a large round tray would make a good bar serving tray with wine & beer labels maybe. Can anyone see this besides me, and does anyone have experience with decoupage?

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