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What to do about mosquitoes?

16 years ago

Does anyone have a foolproof idea for repelling mosquitoes? I've never seen so many of the nasty little buggers in my life as I have the last couple of days!!

Last night, in order to go outside to water, I had to coat myself with bug spray, and light Tiki torches, citronella candles and bug lamps. The darned mosquitoes would hover an inch from my skin...evidently not daring to break that bug spray barrier. Creepy with them flying in my face! Just trying to get back in the house without being followed was a real challenge!

The city supposedly sprayed for them the other night. I commented to DH that I thought they were driving by too fast to be effective, and that I couldn't smell the spray like I usually could. The next night, the mosquitoes were thicker than I've ever seen them! What are they spraying...blood?

If you coat yourself with bugspray, it's so greasy, you have to shower again when you come in. Very annoying!

I've tried the Skin So Soft...which has worked in the past, but doesn't faze these little buggers. I heard Listerine would get rid of them, but after some internet research I see that probably doesn't get them either. Bounce doesn't doesn't do it...unless maybe I'd make my clothes out of the sheets. lol

What do you guys do to hold them at bay? The bunch we have here now must be descended from vampires! Help!


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