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Bunched up watermelon leaves and small melon plants

I planted a couple Stars and Moon seedlings back in May, and the big indoor leaves died but it grew a lot more smaller leaves. One vine is about a foot long with a 3 inch leaf every inch and another one has even more leaves at about the same length and size. A third seedling is only about 6 inches long, but has almost the same number of leaves clustered tightly around the center stem. Is there something wrong with it or is it natural? The sugarbabies are even tinier with 3 leaves. They get close to 12 hours of direct sun a day here.

Also, my honeydews are still small vines, with 1.5" ~ 2" leaves and although they're starting to grow leaves from the joints, the old leaves look pretty bad and beat up. They're closer to 6 inches long, with one about 2 ft, but pretty beat up. They've been that size for about a month.
I fertilized the soil when planting and apply miracle gro weekly with compost tea. The melons inside the greenhouse have leaves 3 times as big, way greener, and are several times longer. The outside temperature here is 60~80 during the day so it shouldn't be too cold.

This is a first year garden with crappy hard clay soil that I amended with plenty of leaves, horse manure, fertilizer, and covered with wood chips. The tomatoes and peppers seem okay, but the honeydews aren't growing very well overall. The ones in the greenhouse grow in pure horse manure.

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