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To Pray or not to Pray?

13 years ago

I was reading an article on MSN about the horrific natural gas line explosion and fire in San Bruno, California. After the article, readers could post comments. I was both disgusted and appalled that a flaming fight ensued over prayers being said for those who survived or were otherwise adversely affected by the explosion and fire. A few atheists said they were offended by that others would pray for the victims. WTF? I couldn't believe how heated it got. After a while, the tragedy took a backseat to whether people have the right to pray for someone else. Crazy isn't it? Both sides got rather heated and names were called.

I guess I believe in the power of prayer. Whether it is actually God making a move or some other spiritual power, i couldn't say. Heck, even if it is the result of positive energy accumulated by kind thoughts, I wouldn't care. To me, when someone says they will pray for someone, it is an expression of compassion and caring. Even if the greater power does nothing, just the kindness and thoughtfulness of the person offering to pray is enough to comfort someone.

One man who posted said he was an atheist but he wasn't offended when friends offered to pray for him after his wife died. He thought of it as a kind thought.

What do you think? Are we secretly offending people by posting about prayers on this forum?

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