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My goldfish (columnea) cuttings.....question!!!

15 years ago

Hi everyone, I have a few goldfish plant cuttings, about four inches long each.....columnea is the official name, not sure which cultivar though. Anyways, they are starting to take root, how long before they bloom, do you think it will be this summer, or should I wait until next summer. When they are more rooted, I will be giving them a low dose fertilizer, should I use a bloom buster 10-54-10, or should I stick o 10-15-10?? Since I cant find this plant anywhere, other than the cuttings I want it to do well. Right now it is about five inches below a 100 Watt compact flourescent, it gets sunshine all day too, it is a brightly lit room. Where should I eventually put it?? North, south, east window?? My lipstick, same family, is in my east window, will that suffice??

Here are a couple pics, let me know if this is id'd wrong.

Thanks everyone

Happy planting!!




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