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Grandma's Rocking Chair and Artwork

14 years ago

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my latest indoor project. I "inherited" my GrandmotherÂs rocking chair a few years back. It has been in our garage for quite some time. My cousin received the chair a long time ago and started to refinish it. It was too overwhelming to her, so she gave it to my brother who gave it to me. When I received the chair, it was coated with coats and coats of paint and didnÂt have a seat. Little by little, my wife Carol and I had it redone. First, we had it professionally dipped to remove the paint as I didnÂt want to sand off the cool details. (That was my Christmas present.) Then, we had it professionally refinished. (That was my birthday present.) Finally, we had a leathersmith in the woods north of us make a basketweave seat for us. (That was my FatherÂs Day present.) He only charged $30 to do so! DidnÂt he do a nice job!? We love the chair! I think Grandma would love it too! Oh, by the way, my cousin told me Grandma found the chair in the town "dump" and painted it. I think I inherited some of her thriftiness! (By the way, my wife Carol made the moose quilt on the wall. She's so talented.)





Grandma also made some beautiful pictures with bark, moss and other things from nature. I received this picture she made. It had won a first place ribbon at the local fair in the 1930Âs. The ribbon is attached to the back of the artwork. The frame was made from scrap wood and coated with layers of gold paint. I stripped the paint and put a tongue oil on the wood. IsnÂt it a cool picture? Living in the woods, IÂve been collecting bark and other items to create such pictures. Thanks, Grandma, for the great idea!



Just wanted to share what weÂve been doing inside the house! I love that we saved a little bit of family history to pass onto our children. Bear Hugs! Kirk

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