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Am I just paranoid or is something wrong with my jade?

9 years ago when I was looking up gnats (for my purple passion) I read and saw pics of scale...... So one of my jades has these little brown spots some are ALL THE WAY THROUGH. I honestly thought it could've been where they were touching at one point while the plant was growing. Now I guess that does sound pretty ignorant. My one that's RIGHT NECT TO IT and has been for two years has NOTHING (but then again it was my VERY FIRST ONE and well......let's just say I knew EVEN LESS what I was doing :( anyway it has around ten leaves like the pics that will be with this (I pulled off a couple and thought wait..... I should check with you guys you'll know what YOURE DOING atleast some of you lol REALLY, TRULY, I appreciate ANY HELP :) also there's a couple with tiny black dots on them I'm hoping that pic will focus ok
Again thank you for your help in advance!!

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