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While you say your prayers can you add one more?

12 years ago

Bob is good friends with Dave, a young guy (ok, he's in his 30s now - lol) he met on the internet many years ago. He also became good friends with Dave's father, Brad. In fact, Dave was the best man at our wedding. Any way, his father got a bad infection in his foot (he's diabetic too) and it got so bad they had to amputate his foot and his leg up to his knee.

Brad is a retired airline pilot. He used to like tooling around in a small plane he owned that could seat up to 5 people. When he became diabetic, they took away some of his flying privileges so that he could only fly very small planes. He bought a 2 seater bi-plane that looks like something the Red Baron would have flown. Very neat and he loved flying to visit friends in Wisconsin. We're not sure but we're hoping having this amputation won't ground him for good. It would break his heart.

When you say your prayers, could you add Brad and Dave? Dave is worried sick about his dad because Brad lives in Wisconsin while Dave lives in New York. Of course, Brad could use your prayers for a quick recovery.

Thanks! You GJers are the best (I mean that since God seems to really listen to you)!

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