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Dad passed away tonight!

10 years ago

Sat. I was with my dad when he had a heart attack. At hospital Er he had a 2nd & mon. morning 3rd along with pneumonia so he didn't want tubes & all. He would of been 96 May 10 & had their 71 anniversary May 12! My 90 yr old mom is holding up well.3 brothers & my son & daughter & nephew all took turns staying with him & holding his hand. We have no regrets, he was a pilot & flight instructor, worked at Lockeed during WWII , taught leathercraft, was First Aid instructor,loved nature, had plastics factory that made jewelry & dresser mirrors & other things for the dresser,could fix anything, built all of the houses we lived in, ran mercy flights in his Cessna to drop food to snowed in farmers & took sick people to the Twin Cities for medical help. Loved animals & helping people,Loved God & wanted to meet him. I was blessed to have had him for almost 96 years! Jan

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