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My little abused Butternut squash

11 years ago

I planted a single Butternut in an experimental SWC on May 15. It did really good for 2-3 weeks and then all growth stopped.It wound up looked like a tree peony with 3-4 leaves on the tip of four 18 in vines.

I watered more and less, fed more and less and cussed the container. It would grow a tiny leaf and a big one would fall off. I finally moved it to another SWC five days ago. I scooped it up with both hands and was shocked at the amount of white grubs I was holding. I found more than 2 doz in the soil without really looking. Annie had almost no roots.

This morning, it had started new leaves and had a big bloom being visited by one of my three honeybees. May have to take her inside, but she's going to have her baby.

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