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Votes are in ..first GJ Spring Fling is announced.

13 years ago

Votes were tallied and we are going to hop forward with our first GJ Spring Fling. The Spring Fling is a gift exchange of garden junk. It's similar to our GJ Secret Santa exchange.

The deadline for signing up is March 7. Everyone who wants to join the fun needs to email me their home address and "likes and interests" list by March 7. My email address is:

I will match up everyone and email each participant their recipient's information by March 14.

The deadline to mail your Spring Fling package to your recipient is April 4.

Marlene was kind enough to send me suggestions on how to organize this event. I consider myself to still be a newbie so feel free to kindly make suggestions as we hop along. To join in the fun you need to have posted here at least once in the past. You also need to agree to spend no more than $15 on garden junk stuff. It can either be something that you've made or garden junk you think your recipient would enjoy. (For example, I'm starting a junk garden for fairies and the wee ones this year.)

After emailing me, be sure to post your partication here to let everyone else know who has joined the Spring Fling exchange. I will also use this thread to post reminders.

I loved participating in the Secret Santa exchange and I'm really looking forward to our first GJ Spring Fling.

Your GJ friend, Max

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