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Way off topic ---- blind dates !

12 years ago

As long as we have a chit - chat side ..... I thought I'd ask !

I have a single son ... 34 ... my friend (that I haven't seen for years ) ,has a single daughter 33 . We both got together last week to visit ... we chatted about us ... and our family & kids . ******Suddenly ***** A spark went off in both of our heads at the same time because we both have a single kid -- we gave each other THAT LOOK ... heheheh ....should we ??? hehehe ... Well - we did.(gulp) We sent them pictures of each other .......It's a go as soon as my son makes a date.

Way back when - did you ever go on a blind date ?

( Heck - I was lucky to even go out on any date )

Any good stories to share ? Anyone want to take a trip down memory lane ??? LOL

I met my first and only serious boyfriend ...asked him out ... after a couple years I asked HIM to marry me ...LOL

~~~~ We've been together for 37 years now !! ~~~

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