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Help! Have Discovered Grape Vines At New Home

13 years ago

Help needed!!!

I just purchased a very old home and we just realized that the vines covered some trees near our detached garage are grape vines.

Our initial plan had been to get rid of these trees as they are "weed" trees which grew there due to neglect, not planning. They are tall, with barely any limbs, in the way of the garage, and quite unattractive, 2 of them. The third, we can't even figure out what it had been as it's covered in ivy, climbing all the way to the top of it (we think it could have been a hydrangea tree) and it pretty much dead at this point.

However, in the past couple of week, we noticed another vine, and then it began to get what appeared to be the beginnings of flowers and my BF recognized it as being grape leaves. Sure enough, I just looked it up and it is.

The question is, how on earth are we going to be able to get those trees down and preserve these vines? I would hate to get rid of them now that I know what they are. I know we can trellis them but pulling them out of the tree, OMG, what a nightmare of tangled mess it is.

Would a landscaper know how to tackle this? Or, are we doomed to keep things are are? Or, do we wait until after this season, let the grapes do their thing and once winter comes, worry about it then?

And, what do we need to do to take care of them?

Anyway, we're hoping they taste good. The house is from 1915, so who knows how long they've been there :)

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