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Think I Bit Off More Than I Can Chew!!

15 years ago

I'm greatly expanding my veggie bed this year and have purchased blackberry and blueberry bushes and I also ordered a dwarf "Pixie Crunch" apple tree. I'm thinking I went a little too far! I can't figure out where to plant the tree that it won't shade something else that needs sun so I'm thinking of planting it in a large pot on my deck. It's only supposed to get 4 to 5 feet tall. The deck faces south so it would be in full sun from about 9 am until about 5 p.m. I have a fig tree that I've grown there for the past 4-5 years - I haul it into the unheated garage for the winter (Zone 6 Boston, MA) and it does fine. Figured I could do the same with the Pixie Crunch?

I thought I did enough research, but now I'm reading about all these pests and diseases, spraying, etc. I'm in an urban area and my neighbor has a crab apple, but there are no other fruit trees around anywhere. There are very few gardens around other than mine as a matter of fact. I just don't get the pests most other people complain about, but I never grew these things before either, so they might just show up now that I have them. I have some horicultural oil - I don't remember exactly what it is. I thought you were supposed to spray the tree with the dormant oil before the buds open to smother any insects and that was about it. The plant is pretty much a 3-4 foot twig at the moment - I don't have the pot ready so I just planted it in a nursery pot for now and will repot it this weekend. Anything else I should do for now? It has no side branches, it's just a stick, so pruning isn't a problem at the moment!

Thanks for any advice!


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