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Stepping stone questions...with pictures

15 years ago

Ok, so this is my first effort on making a stepping stone.


The glass swirls spell out "Ellie" which is my DD's nickname. {{gwi:75772}}

My daughter loved the "mosaic" stones that are laid into the sidewalks at the park, so DH suggested that DD and I make some stepping stones for Christmas presents for the family.

I didn't have a mold, so I made one out of time I think I am going to us cardboard boxes so the edges are more straight.

When DH saw the finished product, he said it was ugly! He said that the edges were not straight and the concrete was raised around the edges and then chipped off. He thought that I would put the concrete in a mold and let it almost setup, then flip it over and stick the glass beads and tiles in the bottom while the concrete is still just a little soft. I told him this wouldn't work. Am I wrong? Can you flip over concrete that isn't fully hardened?

My other question is this.... if I use cardboard boxes to make the mold, how can I prevent that scooped out look? Should I cut off the box to the depth that I want the stone to be and then even out the concrete on top?

Should I put something in or on the box before pouring the concrete?


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