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Lucky bamboo - one stalk died, another starting to turn yellow

12 years ago

My dad bought me this bamboo last Christmas and I love it, and he always asks how it's doing - I don't want it to die, it would break my heart. One stalk already turned completely yellow and I had to throw it out, and now the base of a new offshoot is starting to turn yellow. The leaves are looking all droopy and sad. I want it to look nice!

Here's a link to pictures of my bamboo, and where I'm keeping it:

It had originally come in a smaller green container that was ugly, so recently I transplanted it into its current container - a glass vase with stones. I keep it in that window and I've been opening the shades a lot lately, maybe I should be putting it farther from the window where it won't get as much light?

I only water it with Aquafina bottled water, and gave it a pinch of miracle grow a week or so ago. I read that too much fertilizer can hurt a LB plant so I dumped all its water and re-watered it, so now there isn't any fertilizer in the water.

Help please?

Thank you!

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