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How to treat your plants for more than one pest.

14 years ago

I am going to try and make this as quick as possible, as I have to leave for work soon.I have four five main areas in my home that I keep a small mass of plants. I have not had too many problems. But for some reason, I am having a lot of problems with pests. I am pretty sure my calamondin has scales. I only found three of them, almost ladybug size, maybe a tad smaller, and they almost looked like miniature snails. They were brown, and I am pretty sure that's what it was. I have got a pic.

I am pretty sure at least one of my African Violets has thrips. The pollen was spilled, and I saw one, and only one move It was very small, it was like a tiny hair that moved off the petals. I have never had thrips, so this is new.

A couple weeks ago, I had to treat some of my Av's for powdery mildew, it seems to be gone......not 100% sure.

Now I also think I found a couple mealy bugs on my hoya bella. But the weird part is I can not find anything on my hoya bella when I rechecked, but scanning through pics I took the other night, it looks like a mealy bug, I have seen these before......I can't zoom into the pic enough to see for sure. I thought when I had them some time ago, I had seen legs, they looked like little insects. What is in the pic is not clear enough.

And finally I have been battling spider mites all winter. I am pretty sure I still have them, despite showers and end-all, just in much smaller numbers., do I get a garbage bag and start tossing some, none of them are severely infested, only a small few scattered in the house, that have a very small number of pests.

I need something I can water into my plants, a systemic, one that I can get in Canada, and won't make me break the bank. But I need I have nearly 300 plants, most in 4 inch pots or smaller, there are a few large ones, but not many.

I want to treat this all at once, something to kill this possible, I used malathion last summer for some of my outdoor plants, would that be an option, I would be using it inside, but I can move them to the basement for a while if need be.

I will post pics later tonight, I have a couple minutes left and I have to go......I was just hoping that I might get some replies by the time I get home tonight.

Thank you everyone!!

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