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a 'tree' house plant that has been losing all it's leaves...

15 years ago

Hi everyone,

I purchased a beautiful tree-like plant (not sure what kind it is), and this is how it looked when I got it 2 years ago:

Since I got it, I would water it once every few weeks-- not a whole lot.. and it seemed that after watering it, leaves would turn brown and just die.. So I tried minimizing the water more, sometimes this helped-- but over time more and more leaves died and I would have to pull them off. I also tried putting a little tiny bit of plant food (miracle grow liquid) mixed into the water..

This is how the plant looks today:

what I guess I really want to know is-- why has this plant not attempted to grow back any leaves that have died? Is there any way to get it to regrow what it lost?? Or if this keeps up will I just have two bamboo looking stalks in my house?

... Thank you for any advice.


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