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Why cant I root in anything other than water??

15 years ago

I know that rooting in soil or a pottin gmedium is supposed to create better, stronger roots than if done in water.....but I cant get anything to root in potting medium, except Wandering jew and mint but they are like

I have tried philodendron in soil....they dies, the ones in water are doing great now, they have been potted up and are growing. Grape Vine (ivy) tried it in soil, failed, in water, they are creating roots......I just dont understand what I am doing wrong......obviously its something to do with my rooting tell me what it

I use rooting hormone, I keep them moist, and under lots of humidity....I just purchased some vermiculite to try and get my suckers and leaves to grow from my AF's, can I root directly in this with houseplants??

What the heck am I doing wrong??

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