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Peperomia ID? Gritty mix?

11 years ago

Hi y'all,

So I tentatively think this is P. aurocarpa. I got it from Hirt's as Peperomia 'Hope.' I think, especially if I grew it better, it would closely resemble the P. aurocarpa on this page, specifically {{gwi:83471}}. Thoughts? Experience?

So its leaves and stems are quite succulent and I've never been able to water it properly in the compacted old block of peat it came in. The best thing I've found is to let it dry out into a block, wait until its leaves are very slightly shriveled, and then soak to re-wet. I would guess the roots don't love that, but otherwise it turns leaves to a sickly wet-looking brown and throws them. Never had any other Peperomias, but from what little I've read that's pretty typical behavior.

I love the plant and think it could be happy! If only the soil didn't suck!

So far, removing old soil, root-pruning, and re-potting in Turface/Gran-i-Grit/pine bark has gone beautifully. I've done Crassula ovata, spiderplants, pothos, Maranta leuconeura . . .

But this old soil will be tricky to remove, and I don't know if this Peperomia is particularly sensitive. I'd like to give it a gritty mix makeover and cut it back. (I did manage to root some leaves, but it took 11 months to see new growth, and I gave those away.) As June approaches, I'd love some advice . . .

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