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Braided Money Tree Problem

14 years ago

I have a 6 foot tall money tree that has recently started having problems. It has 4 intertwining stalks. Since receiving the plant 6 months ago, I have not repotted it or added any fertilizer. I normally try to water the plant when the soil feels very dry (at most once per week, sometimes every other week). I water until fluid emerges from the drainage holes, and then I remove the drained fluid. The plant is in a pot which has about a 15 inch diameter. The plant is located next to a Northwest facing window. It doesnt get strong, direct sunlight. I also mist the plant once in awhile.

About a month ago, I noticed one of the stalks lightening in color (it is normally brown at the bottom and a darker green at the top of the stalk). The stalk is now light green with a few patches that are very dark brown, almost black. The bottom of the stalk also has a veiny appearance and the stalk is alittle softer than the other stalks. I noticed today that another one of the stalks is begining to get this vein like appearance. The leaves of the affected stalk are lighter green and are crumpled. It also has less leaves than the rest of the plant.

A few weeks ago, I dug around the roots of the affected stalk to try and determine if root rot was the cause. I did not find any black or foul smelling roots and the soil was slightly damp toward the bottom of the pot. The tree is so big that I am worried about pulling it completely out of the pot to check the roots.

I would appreciate any advice as to what could be causing this problem. Also, how should I proceed in taking care of the plant? If it is root rot, how should I treat it? It is a beautiful plant and I would like to save it if possible. Additionally, I do have a cat. I am not sure if the cat has urinated in the plant, but I did flush the soil last time I watered just in case.


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