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Repotting Christmas Cactus

15 years ago

Hello all,

I've been a "lurker" on this forum for about a year now, browsing through topics and picking up advice along the way. This forum has been a great help to a plant newbie such as myself.

I was hoping somebody could share some advice on how I should go about repotting a Christmas cactus. I am unsure of the scientific name, but I know it's the christmas cactus with the sharp, pointed leaf margins (I believe the tag called it a "Zygo" cactus). Anyways, the root system on this plant is very fragile, but is showing new growth in the form of white roots. I am looking to get rid of all its original heavy soil mix and replace it with a lighter, faster draining mix (I've been using Tapla's mix to great results, and want to use that).

Currently the plant is in its original, snug-fitting 6" plastic pot with its original soil. I let the soil dry thoroughly before watering thoroughly, but this usually takes somewhere between 2-3 weeks for the soil to dry. This is why I am looking to repot.

So far the plant seems to be growing well. It is placed near a southern window where it gets dappled sunlight and some new leaf segments have grown recently. The rootball has grown such that there are many small fibrous roots that would be easily damaged while removing the soil. My question is, is there a good way to remove this original soil without damaging the fragile roots? Or will root damage not be a big deal for this plant? Or would it be best if I just left the plant in its current soil?

Thanks for any help or advice anyone can offer. :)

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