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Non-pesticide fruit tree spraying?

13 years ago

Do you fruit baggers still have to spray fruit trees to protect against molds, mildews and rots? If so, what are your biggest worries for peaches, plums, apples and pears? What are the common or typical diseases for those trees?

Last year was very cool and wet (especially early on) in the Mid-Atlantic area and some of my apples and peaches got infected with something. I'm not sure what it was (lots of small black spots), but I'd like to prevent it in the future.

With all this talk of bagging lately, I haven't seen anyone mention fungicide spraying. Is that all taken care of with dormant sprays or is there something I should be spraying now?

What do you mid-Atlantic growers (Jellyman, Scott Smith, etc) do for rots and mildews on your bagged friut? And which ones are you most concerned about?


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