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another sans question

16 years ago

I posted this in the sansevieria forum but have not gotten a response. I have been surfing around looking at sansevieria's while waiting for Wisconsin snow to melt. I've always kept my sans underpotted as I've always read they prefer to be pot bound. But looking at fabulous collections I frequently see one or two shoots in larger pots. I would love to see my houseplant sans grow to be several feet tall with thick wide leaves. Do you cut away the pups and keep potting up to encourage that type of this one

I hope it is not illegal to post that link

Thanks! Diane

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  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Diane, the Sans on DG's are gorgeous..Wish mine did as well..I don't cut Sans pups .Are you trying for the look of that one leaf Sans on the site?
    The Sans are in large pots, but IMO, they can get away with it, because of their climate and plants are outside, most likely, year round..Plants do well, even overpotted when they're outdoors 12 months out of the year..Tpmo

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Not really Toni. But I have just been surprised to see what appears to be a larger pot with a shoot or two (is it called a leaf cluster?) of some rare sansevieria. The plant is usually covered with gravel.

    I maybe should have said to divide away the pups instead of cutting away. Do you prefer to growing your plants bigger and bigger rather the dividing them. I remember a post from jderosa when he talked about not separating sans to get bigger growth. I have room in my house for larger pots but I seem to prefer smaller but taller plants.

    But I sure would love to have that single leafed sans that was with that cute kid

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    May I just add as a note to Norma (Dufflebag) that I'm working to change that. Next month at my mtg of Indoor Gardening Society, a friend & I will be giving a program on Sansevierias. My friend is an excellent grower of several diff. kinds, but shy of public speaking. I am not shy to speak publicly (I joke that G_d must have given me a big mouth for a reason) & have at least 10-12 diff. Sans. of the less common varieties to show & discuss. So I sort of cajoled my friend into giving this program w/ me. My friend will do the demos like breaking up an overgrown one that's breaking out of its pot to show folks their rhizomes, how to divide them & pot them up, etc. Probably also show how to cut up some leaves & pot them for propagation. I will be armed w/ Hermine Stover's book on Sansevierias to discuss their origins, show some pix & their varied leaf styles, etc. I suggested this program to the Board of my Society as it is my hope to introduce my large Indoor Gardening group to these wonderful, diverse & largely carefree plants. As a side note, all the varieties I've gotten have been as gifts of leaves from friends or swaps from friends, so Norma's idea of setting up trades, really is an excellent & worthwhile idea. All that's required are some friends to trade w/ & a lot of patience, as it sometimes takes a LONNNNGGG time to grow these from leaves, but I do have some beauties to show for my efforts. (PG) Karen
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  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hi Toots,

    Not sure if I really understand the Q. Mine grow indoors & so not all that fast.

    If you're asking abt if potting them bigger will help them grow bigger like the broad single leaf in the pix you showed, I think that's more abt specific Species, not how grown. I have a S. Mason's Congo (aka Masoniana) that grows a broad leaf like that, but not that tall.

    The again, some types of Sans. like (Singularis), only grow 1 or 2 leaves & they get really tall, like 1 yard tall.

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    But all sans will grow pups won't they. Mine keep growing fuller and taller. But when surfing around, you can sometimes find single plants in larger pots. Can you post a picture of S.Mason's Congo.

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    All my Sans are slow-growing..Is there anything I can do/use to speed up growth?
    My friend had Sans (mother-in-laws-tongue/Snake plant) about 5' tall..they got little light, (potted in 10" clay pots, in a windowless hallwawy.) She fertilized whenever she thought about it..leaves were extremely healthy, not to mention tall..Perhaps negligence is the answer.
    Do you gals/guys keep Sans in a window, or nearby? Do you set out in summer? How often do you fertilize?
    Toots, like you, I keep Sans underpotted..if not they die. I have a Cylindral, sp, Sans, at least 6? had two leaves when now has 4..:( Is this normal? I mean, 2 new leaves in 6 years?
    Karen probably hit it in the nail when she said, that particular species grows taller/wider..
    I still think location makes a difference. Look at that pic..if you notice all their Sans pots 'look' much larger than I dare use..(for Sans)
    I found two Sans at Walmart last summer..both came in 4" square, plastic pots with saucers..They're variegated birds nest types. I'm afraid repotting.. I'll let them be until plants are so rootbound, roots stick out top and bottom..
    I cannot keep Snake plant Sans for anything..I have one several years old..repotted, leaves died back..I then underpotted..and reunderpotted..LOL..I think it has 3 or 4 went from 8" to 6" to 4". Clay..I let soil dry, fertitilze twice a year with all purpose, diluted fert. Poor thing..
    Another Sans I kill are golden haitii? spelling again..What is the secret of keeping these guys alive? They're gorgoues, one of the prettiest Sans aroud..For those of you who grow the golden, do you care for it the same as other Sans? Does it need more water, sun than other types? I've had about 5 since growing plants, all goners..
    Toots, hope you find an answer, too. I've never seen the Sans forum..Toni

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I got one of these at Meijers and it was huge when I got it. Lots of leaves, tallest of which was about four and a half feet, average height being maybe two and a half?

    In the winter I hardly water it. As far as I know, they're kind of succulent, and react badly to being overwatered. When I do water it, I don't even add that much water. It's roughly once a month. apparently you can go even longer in between but I don't like the idea of soaking the soil as it doesn't dry out very fast.

    Mine's not getting a lot of light, though apparently they don't need much.

    Last summer I put it outside and it got a lot of new growth, so I'd imagine that this is a good idea. I had it on a shaded porch. Also, I upped watering to about once every two weeks (and then weekly when it got really hot) and actually did soak the soil on watering because it was definitely drying out quickly enough for this not to be a problem.

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Yikes, Toni,

    So many Questions. Lots to say. First, pls. DO see the Sans. Forum, pretty slow moving, but can be very informative. There used to be a guy there named Jderosa, very knowlegeable, but think he got bored & left.

    Norma (aka Dufflebag) posts there w/ lots of knowledge, she's been esp. helpful to me in learning more abt Sans. I gave a talk on Sans. to my Indoor Gardening group 2 yrs. ago, she was quite helpful in helping me w/ some research.

    I believe they're generally slow growing. I don't fertilize them much (maybe 2 or 3 times a year, just in the Summer months). In the last yr., I've used Eleanor's VF-11 on them along w/ everything else, seems just fine.

    I also find they like a lot of neglect & crappy soil, they really just don't care, as long as it's fast draining, which is key for them. Yes, they DO like lots of neglect & seem to thrive w/ it.

    I don't put mine in the windows, I need them for more sun- needing succulents. These don't need direct or even high light, tho' they can do very well w/ it, given gradual exposure to higher light.

    There are very many varieties of Sans. not always identifiable; not lots of books out there on Sans, but if you can download Hermine Stover's Sans book, that can be a big help (even tho' the book's a bit old now), she's graciously given permission & access for the download.

    There's also a book or 2 by Juan Chahinian, a Sans. grower/collector out in Hawaii, so you can imagine he's got diff. growing circumstances in Hawaii (I have only heard of his books, have never seen 'em, so I can't comment on them).

    No Toots, I can't post pix as I have no camera. I do believe most Sans. will have pups, but I'm pretty sure those big, tall, wide leafed Sans. are particular species, not just common Sans allowed to grow big.

    I may or may not separate the pups, depends on what I want, separate if to share w/ friends, etc.

    Those 1 or 2 leafed pottings are usually specific species (see Hermine's book for more examples).

    Toni, I think S. Golden Hahnii is what you mean (aka Birdsnest Sans). My experience is these are very much more water sensitive then other Sans. So much so that I've killed 3 or 4 myself & no longer try to grow them. Tho' they're handsome, they clearly don't like me, very easily overwatered. Besides, I don't care for Sans. w/ yellow stripe, no matter what kind. Of the 13 Sans. I have right now, only 1 is yellow striped, a bad swap given me, supposed to be something else (S. Bentel's Sensation, which is a green & white variegate).

    Pot size can be tricky, best determinant (to me) is the size of the rootball. I still prefer underpotting them.

    Whew, OK then, did I miss anything?

    (PG) Karen

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Toni- you can look back on the sans forum for Jderosa"s posts. He is the reason I started my sans collection-picture to follow once my camera charges. I am a bit worried that I am giving this collection too much care these days. I just have to look and not touch them I guess but I am seeing alot of growth so it is hard to leave them alone.

    I think I will allow myself to be a first time internet plant buyer soon. I just love S. mason's congo.

    I can afford the window space so I am giving them alot of light

    I think I have 2 birdsnest sans- a green one silver frost? and golden one-I am not sure that is the one you were talking about toni. The silver frost seems to need more water. I have just divided the golden on and hope I can keep both alive and thriving

    Sharing my sans collection is a treat but it is always hard to send one out the door

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hello fellow plant lovers..I'm new to this all the helpful info- my sis gifted me a sans about 2yr ago, the soil was horrible rock hard I hated it but the plant seem to love it..I get max growth in spring/summer when plant is outside,and it stands in water the whole summer, I fert.once a month

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Here's a picture of my jungle of lovelies. I have 8 different ones. It is hard to find new ones

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Oh toots, the one on the bottom left, that looks like tubes/thick sticks growing up. Would you know the name of that one? Girlfriend of mine picked one up like that from this teeny grocery store a while back, they only had the one, and I (and her included) have never seen one like that in these parts.

    Seems like the big box stores only get in what is most common, and I've begun to notice some of the grocery stores will bring in a few oddities periodically. I purchased a philo selloum a while back, 5 plants in a 4 inch pot, NOT common at all up here (as in common in the plant sections of the local stores), and 2 years ago I picked up a fatsia japonica at the same grocery, they only had the one (I love the leaves) and I've not seen one since, and I am in each week.

    But I'm off topic now, if you are able to share the name of that sans I would be grateful. Thanks ~kioni~

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    It's called a cylindrical sans. I am not sure if there are other types of cylindrical sans.

    Your sans sitting in water all summer is somewhat of an unusual picture. I think they like to be dry and certainly their feet like to be dry I think

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Whew Karen. I'm out of breath reading your post; (LOL) it's most helpful. Apparently, the ppl on the Sans forum can not only ID, but offer care instructions for each type of Sans. And there are many to ID.
    I've never thought about them living in HI..You'd think they live in a dry area. Desert? Or the mid-east. I wonder how many varieties there are that haven't been yet been discovered. It makes one wonder.
    Is it possible they grow faster in their native lands?
    You would think if Sans grow as slow as they do in our homes, would they be considered endangered?

    That's it Karen, Golden Hahnii!!! One of my favorites, though I can't keep them no matter how hard I try..I have watered more, watered less, set in warmer rooms, set in cooler rooms, more light, less light. They shrivel and die. Yet, other bird snest types do fine..Even varigated birds nest live. Last year, someone gave me a cutting of a variegated, white and green birds nest Sans, but it too died. It was really pretty. I felt terrible, especiaclly being a gift cutting.

    Since we're discussing Sans, I had to check. There 'were' 8, now 7. One called Sans Hallii is 3/4ths gone..I cut the top leaves, (they're green) and planted in soil. Have no idea whether or not they'll root.
    Thanks for information, Karen.

    Toots have you checked Ebay? I'll keep an eye out since Ebay's my third home. LOL.
    Your Sans are fantastic. I love the Sans up front, a little to the right. Green in the center and white/cream on edges? What's it's type?
    How many leaves does your Cylindracal have? How many did it have when you got it? Mine started with two, and now has, wow, six. The other four snuck up. I bought it at a Cactus and Succulent fair some time back. Like Karen, I keep Sans underpotted. Anyway, your Sans are doing great.

    Plantsmasterm. You're the first person who's announced they keep their Sans sitting in water. LOL. Hey, if they're doing well, that's all that matters, right? Do you have pics? What size pots are they in? I fear taking Sans outside in summer, afraid the sun will bleach leaves. Your Sans must be in a shady spot, underpotted and well-draining soil.
    Thanks to all. I'll try dl'ing the link Karen posted.
    Toots, I hope you find the Sans, epsecially the one with a tall, thick leaf..I'd like one Toni

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Diane, the pic you were so admiring IS S. Masonii (?) used to be 'Mason's Congo'.

    Diane, you're guys look GRAND! Wished all my various and sundry looked that good! Just because I have more than 20 varieties 'doesn't' mean they are "well grown".

    Cylindrical sans are tougher, take more sun, and are just fun. Word of warning... don't reach into the pot quickly, those pointy cylinder ones will make you BLEED!

    Howdy, folks.
    Yep, me.
    Gotta fern to brag about, so I was reading whilst sites loaded.

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey Cena. How have you been??? It's good seeing you again.
    How much more light would you say Cylindrica Sans needs? In a window? Would east be sufficient? Toni

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey Toni,

    For Cylindrica, I'm guessing as much light as you can possible provide; if I'm not mistaken, this is one of the S. African ones that grows out in dry, hot, direct sun.

    My earlier research suggests that the cylindrical leaves are adaptions to reduce surface area & thereby minimize water loss.

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Toni, my cylindrical sans was purchased at a reputable green house about six weeks ago. It was in a 10 inch pot and full of leaves. I waited and waited for the soil to dry out but it never happened. After about 3 weeks the soil was still damp. I ended up dividing it to check things out. I think I have 4 pots of it now. I repotted with miracle grow mixed with extra perlite and then some bark.

    I guess you don't think that front sans is a golden hahnii. Its a birdsnest anyway. Next to the hahnii is S. pearl young. There is a moonshine behind it

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey Toots,

    From here, that front Sans. looks Bird's Nest, but looks very white striped in the pic, perhaps not Golden hahnii, which to my recollection looked very Golden Yellow, not white like yours.

    I would have planted the Cylindricas in clay, especially if they didn't dry out after 3 wks, clay pots (unglazed terra cotta) would help them dry out a bit. I'd water those very carefully since you've given each of them a fair amount more soil than they had.

    I'd also watch that the MG soil doesn't have water retention crystals & fertilizer in it already. Sans. don't want or need much by way of fertilizer.

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I agree w/Karen - the margins on your 'hahnii' look more white than yellow.
    If so, than it's likely Sansevieria trifasciata 'Silver Hahnii'.

    I also agree with everyone in saying 'nice Sansevieria plants', toots!

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Karen, today is cleaning/working on plants day. I'm going to place Cylindrical Sans in brighter light, (bright for IL, LOL.) Thanks. Maybe the plant will grow some. Hey, you know what I just read on Wikipedia. Sans are closely related to Dracaena. Have you or anyone else heard this before?
    If you can't open the link, try and type Dracaena in search box. Click on 'Dracaena, a genus of plants' read the first paragraph: who'd have thunk??

    Toots, I don't think your Sans is Golden Hahnii, but it's a truly beautiful birdsnest. Looks to have a lot of white/cream. Maybe it's the picture. The white/cream striping is attractive. Anyone can grow green plants, but variegation pretties it up. (S). The Sans directly in back of the front Sans also has a lot of variegation on new leaves. How do you keep Moonshine silver..I have two and both turned light green, lost silvery appearances. Do you keep Sans in low, medium, bright light? A seller on Ebay (in HI) said, he keeps Moonshines in low light, which IHO, the reason Moonshines keeps silver tones. I don't know what he considers low light, living in HI, but his low light and our low light may be two totally different low lights..LOL.
    I also agree with Karen. What type of soil was your Sans potted in that it remained wet so long? Do you think 10" pot was too big? How many leaves did your Cylindrical have altogther before separating? I'd have loved seeing a huge Cylindrical in one pot. Do you have a pic before repotting?
    Anyway, thanks Karen, the Sans IS going in brighter light. Because they're slow-growing, they only get fert with half-strenght once a year, in summerr. Do they need more? Toni

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    The cylindrical sans was in a plastic pot. It was not a tight mass of leaves. The soil was very loose and plants separated easily. I could put them back together for you Toni LOL. Looks like I will be repotting into a clay pot so I just might do that. I am blessed with big windows in all directions so I can give my sans any light I want to. I have a grouping in a southern window right now and some in the east. I think the moonshine was in an eastern window most of the time but I also had in a north one-next to where I sit on the couch cause I just love this guy and want to admire it and talk to it from time to time.

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Toots, yeah, I think you should repot all your Cylins in a 10" to take a pic..LOL..J/K..
    Are you potting all Sans in Clay or just the Cylins? Sounds like a good idea. When I work on mine, think I'll do the same. This way I won't worry about overwatering.
    Well, guess the seller in HI was wrong about low-light Moonshine considering yours was in east/north windows, though east isn't the strongest light, it's not exactly low light either. I don't think so, right? Especially in summer. My east windows are bright in summer, morning sun streams through the room, brightening it up.
    What about fertilizing? Do you fert and if so, how often and what type?
    I'll have to find a brighter spot Sans. Right now, they're beside an east window, and whatever sun shines from south, plus a little artifial at night..None are directly near the south or light though. So, they basically get east.
    Thanks for your help..Toni

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I'm not too good about fertilizing. I have used 1/4 strength balanced fertilizer a couple of times this spring. Once I get busy with outdoor gardening, I tend to forget about my houseplants so sans are a great choice for me. I think most of my collection is in plastic. Moonshine is currently in a very cheap plastic pot that's really small. I can feel its filling up with roots but it probably does not need repotting. A clay pot that won't tip is really such a better choice. Too bad I have so many decorative pots to sit my plastic potted plants in-another big no no. Several plants are really pot bound and water runs right thru them. I've had futura for a couple of years in it's original plastic pot. I just loved how fast draining it was but finally it became so full that I had to repot.

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey Ladies,

    Glad to see you're finding some of my info informative. Couple of side notes here.

    A few yrs ago a dated a C&S man, who lived in CA & had lots of C&S friends. We visited one & I aked to use his restroom. On the way there, I smelled a sweet, lovely fragrance & decided to follow it. I ended up in his bedroom looking at a HUGE clay pot of Cylindricas, abt 36" in diameter, in full bloom! One of the few times I've seen a Sans plant in bloom in person (I think this was 1st). Just an amazing & beautiful site to behold.

    A few yrs. ago I had a relative locally who said her Sans. all bloomed regularly (I think it was a plain, common Sans). I never got to see them but she told me & my Mom confirmed it after visiting her a few times.

    Moonshine: Its pale color is a characteristic of youth, they will darken with age & I don't believe lighting or the environment in which it's placed can change this.

    Same C&S boyfriend gifted me w/ one a few yrs. ago, it was gorgeous: I used to call it my jet-fueled Sans, as its pup grew unbelievably fast! He'd given me a parent plant (maybe 6" tall) w/ a young pup. That pup was the palest silvery light green, reminded me of marble (for sculpting), w/ a thin dark edge -- so handsome. In the time of one sumemr & fall that pup tripled in height, towering over its parent. As it grew, it darkened & there was nothing to be done. Unfortunately, I lost them, the following yr.

    Toots, I'd hold back on the fertilizer, they don't want or need it, as I said I only VF-11ed last wknd for the 1st time this Spring, you've said that you've used diluted fertilizer on them already several times this Spring. I'd say only once more less dilute each the next 2 months & that's it.

    Forgot to say your plants DO look quite nice, esp. in the grouping all together.

    Toni, pls. be reminded (gently), neglect is the key here, the LESS CARE, THE BETTER)

    (PG) Karen

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Toots, it's funny. Did you ever see the TV show, Victory Gardens? Mr. James Crockett was the original host back in the 1970s. He also wrote several plant books. (Mr. Underwood passed away; he seemed like a wonderful man who loved his wife and plants) Anyway, in one book he wrote, more often than not, people who indoor and outdoor garden usually neglect indoor plants in spring/summer, dedicating time to the garden. This is so true.
    He recommends, especially to people in cold climates. Starting in January, prepare soils, wash and choose pots, clean work area. Feb,(while still too cold to work outside) repot plants that need repotting. Start fertilizing (certain plants.) Prepare area in yard where house plants will be summered. He dug trenches, kept plants inside trenches and covered with moss. Then in Apr/May, when plants are hauled outside, place house plants in trenches and hose. He made everything sound so simple. LOL. On planting day, start gardening..when watering, hose both indoor and garden plants. I think he used one type of fertilizer for foliage, one for flowering, plus garden fertilizer. He recommended spray bottles attached to hose.
    Depending on the number of indoor plants you have, work on a plants, by genus, each day or week. Start with say Hoyas one day, then outdoor garden. The following day/week, work on another group of plants, then garden.

    I group plants together. Philos w/Philos, Sucs w/Sucs. When it's time to fert, I feed each group.
    IMO, it's easier than trying to fert/ST in one day. It's impossible. A little indoor, a little outdoor work gets the job done. Trying to do both at once is difficult. And hard on the back. Stooping kills our backs.

    Toots do you use decorative pots? If you don't perhaps you should sell them on Ebay, with the extra money, purchase more plants. LOL. Or use decorative pots on basic tropicals like Dracaenas or plants that need little water. If they don't have drainage, set something, (styrofoam sheets work great) in the decorative pot, then set growing pot on top. One year I placed AV's in decorative pots, they stopped flowering. I KNOW pots were the reason. Two years ago I repotted back to 4" plastic growing pots. Suddenly they bloomed after 2 years without a flower. Coincidence? I doubt it. I have a couple Philos in growing pots, placed in decorative containers. There's styrofoam sheets in outter pot to prevent rootrot.

    Karen, a neighbors' (Mother-In-Laws-Tongue) blooms in summer, flowers are tiny and I don't recall fragrance. What type of flowers do Cylindracal have? Color? Size?
    Does your relative w/blooming Sans live up east? I wonder what people do to get them to flower. Or don't do. LOL.
    Karen, believe me, my Sans are negected. I'm thinking, since you mentioned light, they can do with a bit more sun. Otherwise soil is dry, underpotted, and rarely misted, (u know my misting obsession, lol) They're lightly sprayed once a week. Still too much?
    I won't debate Sans/Sux/Cactus with you since I think, these plants are your specialty. Plus you belonged to a C&S Society.
    Oh Karen, I won a variegated Optunia (Prickly Pear) on Ebay the other day. I don't want to mention names, but I believe the seller is a GW member. Because it's variegated, does it need more sun than the all green?

    It must have been nice, belonging to a C&S Society. I'm surprised you're no longer a member. I wish there was a plant group here in IL. The only one I know of deals with garden plants; they don't discuss house plants at all. I'm not a young chickedee, lol, but most of the women are in their late 60's and 70's. And their meetings a good drive, up west, another county. You may or may not remember, but I'm semi-agoraphbic, so it's difficult leaving the house. Think we discussed it in Conversation GW before. Anyway, any help you have regarding C&S's is appreciated. This forum is mainly for house plant, but when we grow C&S's in the house, isn't that considered a house plant? LOL
    Oh one other thing. I bought a (speelings wrong) Mamorellia? from a local gh a few years ago. It not only flowers yellow straw flowers, but red edible fruit. Ever heard of it? The fruit are sweet, but small. It's slow-growing, to boot. I LOVE this plant, though I'm not really into thorny cactus. Toni

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    This is my favorite thing to watch these days
    pearl young pup. This plant has been a huge grower for me
    I would miss my opts if I sold them on ebay
    cylindrical sans grouping-should I put them back together
    please don't tell me I will loose this color

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago


    obviously, I should be cleaning my floor instead of playing spending endless hours with you guys...but I sure do love sharing info, pictures, and cyber friendships. You guys are myspace...or is it my facebook...whatever,lol

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey Diane, your containers are really nice. They're beautiful. Did you snap the pic in pots for a pose, or do they live in ceramic?
    It's difficult deciding whether or not to use ceramic opposed to other materials, ceramic make quite a difference in appearance, on the other hand, do they drain as well as plastic or clay??
    Now to the pics. You wrote, 'these are my favorte things to watch these days.' What do you like watching? LOL The baby shoots? Your Sans have a good number sprouting. Is it due to spring? You know what they say 'a watched pot never boils,' that saying was invented for me watching Sans. LOL.
    Diane, in pic 1, is that a Moonshine? I love the baby's color. Wish my two were so silvery. Karen said, they darken w/age, so unless we keep babies, guess they'll turn green. Your Sans looks so pretty in that color pot, perfect size, too.
    I adore the Sans in second pic, especially the smaller Sans. Wonder if it'll stay that color. Will it change w/age??? Karen might know. Someone called it Silver Hahnii. Only know the Gold Hahnii. I love leaves that have a lot of white or yellow with green.
    Hey Karen, come to think about it, you've never posted a you not have a camera?
    In pic 3, your 5 plants look SO nice in their pots. How much light to they get? Your Dizygotheca is really doing well. That's another plant I kill after 1-2 years. Books say they thrive in light that's bright enough to read by. Ha, people have different vision. What I might be able to see in a certain spot, the next person may need a flashlight. LOL. I have the Dizygotheca 'False Aralia', a baby in a 4" pot. They're gorgeous, but need humidity or acquire mites. Slow-growing too. How long have you had yours? What's the smallest plant in that pic? I love its variegation. Do you keep AV in a ceramic pot? If so, does it flower regularly? Your ZZ is quite tall. To be honest, I have one, but they're not my fav plants. They don't do anything..LOL. Just sit there. I don't want to offend anyone, because many ppl here boast about ZZ's.
    In pic 4, I'm assuming they're the Sans you separated? If so, that plant was BIG. Oh Diane, do you not like compact looks? I don't have the heart separating plants.
    Are the four pots filled w/Cylindrical Sans the ones you separated? I see something in back, but can't make it out. Oh, just noticed you asked if you should put them all together. LOL Oh boy, I would, but don't want to tell you what to do. How about if you put 2 or 3 in one pot, then have one left, in case, something goes wrong? I don't know, girl.
    In the last pic, is there a stake in the soil? If so, what does it do? or is it a tag?
    Diane, I wondered about 'opts' figured it out. LOL.
    You guys are MySpace too. Second family. Home away from home. Diane, I love viewing ppl's plants, so keep sending. I wish Karen, and others here would add pics.
    Did you notice, Exotic Angel, have a good number of plants on their site? Why do they only send out a certain percentage? There's a few I'd love having. I think it was EA who has Ember Lace Episcia. Mostly pink, though it'd probably die in IL. They are humidity hogs but the pretties of all Episcias.
    HD has a hanging Schefflera. A piece broke off, lol, so I took it home, rooted. It's now in soil, but looks bare. Anyone ever heard of a hanging Scheff? If so, do they need pinching? I cut the stem in 3 pieces, two survived, rooted, one died, so it's really bare looking. I'm afraid if I pinch, it won't grow, or die. The Scheff was in a 10 or 12" hanging container, at 19.99. Too big and too expensive. Plus, half the foliage was dead. You'd think HD would reduce prices when plants are dying, they'd prefer tossing. They write it off.
    Diane, when you said what you did, about us talking, I got goose bumps..thanks so much, I appreciate it, and love talking to you guys, too..hugs, Toni

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Sorry gang, no pix 'cause got no camera.

    Also, I'm looking for work & got lots more going on (multiple quilts going on & trying to get it up to sell them).

    Also, I don't have the time that perhaps Toni does to do this to such a degree, I enjoy it, but can't put anywhere near her amount of time on this.

    Also, I don't mean it badly Toni, but you ask so very many questions, I just don't have the time to answer them all. Also if your re-read the threads, some have already been answered. For those that haven't, you could do some searches & find some answers for yourself, since you seem quite capable of doing searches.

    Example: Difficult to describe the blooms on Sans, much easier to search for it, I tried last nite, so I could suggest this: try searching for "Sansevieras in Bloom" or go to the Sans. Forum & its gallery, which also shows some Sans. in bloom.

    I think that Cactus you're mentioning might be Mamallaria. Anyway that spelling is closer than yours, I bet a search would yield something.

    Toots: opts????????? is that a typo for 'pots'?

    As to the Cylindricas, don't think you have to combine them, these don't appear overpotted, tho'I would have gone w/ clay pots. It's probably a question of one's own taste at this point.

    Gotta go, see ya!

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I like your questions Toni-even if I don't answer all of them.
    Yes it was a photo op with the plants on my entertainment center. It sits in the corner of a room with 2 double hung windows on the north and two on the east. It is a very bright room and lot's of my plants take turns sitting there. The arailia is in an antique chamber pot. I have 2 african violets that flower non stop year round. They are in a plastic pot within another pot-cups or cute bowls. I water from the bottom and fertilize with every watering and they flower and flower.

    I seriously do like looking at that moonshine pup. I recently had huge problem with my 22 year old baby boy. I never imagined parenting could be so hard. Fortunately, he seems to be on the right road again. But my plants were my salvation thru it all and this little pup made my day brighter as did the garden web. My sans starting growing in January this year. I do have one sans that has flowered twice for me-the flowers smell nice but they don't look like much. The first picture is moonshine and the second is pearl young I think. It does stay that color. It is a shorter leaved sans.
    I now have 5 pots of the cylindrical sans. The reason why I separated them was in another post someone said theygot rid of this plant because it grew to big to fast. I am tempted to do some trading with my extra plants or else give them away as christmas presents

    The zz plant has been a challenge. It had aphids and I did not figure out what had happened until it was almost mushed to death. So now I have 3 pots-the original pot and another one that looks like the one in the picture. I am an underwaterer. So you can imagine how little water my zz got. The plant that is in the original pot is putting out a new leaf. The 2 other pots need chopsticks to hold the plant in place. Quite truthfully, I would like to pitch them but maybe they will put out new leaves too.

    The moonshine in the first picture did need to be staked for a while because it tipped over once while being watered-another reason for clay pots.

    I am thinking about getting a mongo sans from one of the sites listed in the post on the sans forum.


  • 16 years ago
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    Hello everyone. Such good info ive been getting-just by reading here. I have three types of sansevierias. I thought that all three were just called "snake plant". Ohhh, how much i've got to learn! I've just done a lil research.
    I've got a huge black gold sans. The pot is sooo crammed with them. Little over a meter stick tall. Keeps growing new ones (pups they are called?) It may need a lrg pot-considering that the pot is only med size. Got it for $2.00 at Fortinos-What a steal.
    Then there is my Gray lady one. Instead of growing tall and erect, it's growing outward, in a splayed fashion. It could use a new pot too-its getting crammed together-maybe it likes that because it still grows so well.
    Then the other one I cant really figure out is I think Frank Niedz. Its kind of skinny-better do some more research. I'm getting a camera next week, and hopefully all of you can help me identify which types of sans i have. This will be alot of fun, because I have just a little under 200 house plants.

  • 16 years ago
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    Karen, sorry, didn't meant to ask so many questions. Sometimes I get carried away. As for time, it's a long story, but yes, I have way too much time on my hands.(S)
    I didn't know you were into quilts. What a hobby/work! My MIL made beautiful quilts, long ago. She and her family worked together, used excess material around the house, they wasted nothing.) There's nothing like home-made quilts. The Amish sell beautiful, but way out of my budget, quilts. Hope you find a job. Good luck.

    Diane, while browsing your pics, numerous questions pop through my mind. LOL. Sans are an enigma. They're succulent, yet, there are people, especially back in the day, Sans were grown in a dark corner, overwatered, never fertilized, and forget ST'ed, yet they grew tall and compact. I don't get it??? LOL This applies to other plants such as Philos and AV's, too, have you noticed?
    May I ask, what the heck do Aphids look like? I've seen pics, but have NO idea, or couldn't ID if one landed on my nose. LOL. Do they fly? What color? You're the second person who mentioned Aphids on house plants the past week, so I'm staring to wonder if there's something to worry about or not.
    Though scary, I've decided, once it warms up, Sans are going outside in shade. They've never once been outdoors, so it'll be an experiment. I want to see growth and flowers, too. LOL. I'm hoping, once they're outside, new shoots will grow, especially the Cylindrical. It's gotten to the point I'm afraid to pot Sans. Anytime I've gone one pot size up, they ended sad looking.

    Cinder, nope, all Sans aren't snake plants. LOL. The most common, (S. trifasciata, (an older botanical name, don't know if it's stil used) is called Mother-in-laws-Tongue or Snake plant. One book says, it's referred to Snake plant because of its snakelike markings, and Mother-in-laws-tongue because because it's sturdy, if not indestrctible nature, AND sharp-like tongue, being sarcastic to ones' mother-in-law. LOL.
    Send all your pics. I can't ID Sans, especially rare types, but would like to see what you have. And other plants, too. Toni

  • 16 years ago
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    I think it was aphids-they were mostly in the soil and I only had them on the one plant. They were small and flea like. I used a potion of Dr. Bronners peppermint soap, alcohol and peroxide. I love to make potions for my plants-a few drops of this and that in a spray bottle filled with water. It seems to work on everything as long as you do it every couple of days until they are gone for sure. I try to be organic

  • 16 years ago
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    Diane, I know what you mean about organics. I can't use chemcials because we have birds, sometimes they fly, land on a plant, and one guy, Sparkle, nibbles.
    I've heard of ppl using Peroxide, but don't know what it does. What does it do?
    I use soap, (dish) citrus and garlic rind, rubbing alcohol, depending on which bugs are found or as a preventative. For scale, Fish Emulsion works fine and acts as a fertilizer. The only bug I can't rid are mealy. Other than using rubbing alcohol, which I doubt works, those suckers find hiding places. In summer little flying bugs fly/hop from plant to plant, but so far they don't come indoors, so maybe they're harmless. As long as they don't eat my plants that's all that matters. Toni

  • 16 years ago
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    No apologies necessary, just pls. understand if & when I don't answer all yr Qs; I know you can get carried away, not necessarily a bad thing, I can understand enthusiasm. But don't necessarily quit asking them, maybe others can pick up what I don't get to.

    Yeah, been out of work 6 months, am a single woman so it's a BIG deal. Am finding some temp work (like today). My quilt work has really exploded in the last 2 yrs., & am trying to get situated to sell some of it. Particpated in my first quilt show this Jan-March, was really exciting!!!

    Thanks for understanding & for your good wishes.

    Alcohol DOES work against mealies (I've done so myself), at least on Crassulas & Hoyas, it's just not for serious infestations & requires repeat application every 2-3 days & serious persistence for days on end to get all the eggs, etc.

  • 16 years ago
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    Karen, normally when ppl on GW/house plants have cac/sux questions, I refer them to you. Mainly, because they're your specialty, you love and grow them, have given excellent advice here and the other forum. (I've read help/posts you've given to ppl on the other forum) and since discovered you're affiliated with a C&S Society. Who's best qualified? LOL But I understand. No more zillion ??'s.

    6 months! I truly hope you find something. It's getting harder to find work these days. I don't know whether or not you believe, but I promise to say a prayer.

    I wish you luck selling quilts. Do you sell on Ebay, or perhaps you'd rather not say. Forget it. Since you display at shows, you've got your foot in the door. Now all you need the 'right' person to see your work. I would think NY is the perfect place.
    I truly hope you land a job. Don't give up. Karen, you seem to have an outgoing personality. I think you'll make it, just a feeling.
    I agree, RA rids mealy, but when a plant is truly infested, I don't think anything rids those suckers. (eggs and all) A friend online ordered 2 plants from 2 different sellers off Ebay. Both plants, (Alocasia and Maranta) are mealy packed. One seller told her, no problem, just scrape away!!! She tried RA but there's just too many, deep into foliage on Maranta. She tossed both plants. I told her to remove leaves from Alo, keep corms, etc. Too much RA and leaves dry. It may work better w/sux. But, IMO, sux don't attract insects like tropicals. I can honestly say, I can't recall any cac/suc that acquired pests, any cac/suc that died was due to underwatering.
    Again, good luck finding a job, Karen. hugs, Toni

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    Hey Diane, Toni, Karen (& others)! I haven't had as much online time lately, and I've been on another forum. It has very knowledgeable folks with good in-depth info, but tends to be more concise...and I miss rambly discussions like this! They're friendly, and they cover all kinds of info!
    As to Sans growth-- As has been mentioned, some species get huge and some don't. If you want your plant to be on the taller side of its own genetic range, keep the light low. Those enormous laurentii's (over 5') are usually brought up in pretty dim light; they'll usually top out around 3' in bright light. Personally, I'd rather grow them in good light, even if it does mean shorter plants. They're much more apt to bloom in good light, and they're also stronger/more resistant to any problems that might come along.
    I think some Sans look great in a group, and others really look better individually. S. patens is a gorgeous thing by itself, but kind of a mess when in a bunch.
    I remember Jon D saying he kept young plants of Moonshine & tended to get rid of the mother plants. Sadly, they do lose that pretty color & if you can stand to let go of them (a "big if"!), it's undoubtedly a wise way to go.
    Good luck, Karen! Take care, folks! -- Jen

  • 16 years ago
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    It's a crap shoot I guess(i googled that to see if that is what I mean to say and got some interesting responses...roll of the dice works for me) Some sans lose their color if not in bright light some do if they are in bright light. My thought is that a southern exposure esp in the summer might be the perfect spot. I moved my collection back from a south window today. It is bright all over my house today so this is why I think I should become a house full of sansevierias (and crassulas)and maybe hoyas!

    Nice to see you Jen..did you get your windmill? I lurk around over there too and it is full of info and great pix

  • 16 years ago
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    JEN!! How have you been? Long time no see. I've visited the other forum, but guess I'm addicted to Gw. (S)
    It's really nice seeing you. I hope all is well. How's the room your dh built, I believe he made a sun room??? Is it packed to the gill, with plants of course?
    Jen, I'm confused. Are you saying, Sans placed in bright light grow shorter than low lit areas and visa versa? I don't want to put words in your mouth, just trying to clarify.
    Oh I can't rid older plants..LOL. Maybe if I had hundreds of the same type, but just to toss a plant? Ahh.
    Come around more, girl. We miss you here. Although, GW is a plant forum, it's nice to discuss other stuff, as long as IVillage doens't get upset. I don't think there's a written rule suggesting not to as some would say, 'shoot the bull.' LOL.

    Diane, you planning on only growing 3 types of plants? Toni