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Mold/Form Bank Thread

18 years ago

Ok I have a genious idea... The team is the force in here.


I am trying to organize a thread for all people to only post the MOLD/FORM technics they use. I started a master document on how to make tufa, mix to use, mold, ect... I will release it after for all to use.

The rules for the idea to work is:

- The Form/Mold you are pasting is not already posted here

- The thread is not used to chat about FORM/MOLD (Lets make it only for technics to be organized in one point)

- Specify what the form/mold is for

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

I mostly use a bowl.
Sometimes a little bowl, sometimes a big bowl.:)

RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

I use styrofoam cut with a circular saw (to obtain angles).
then use wire to hold all together. often uses polytene to cover.

I also use evergreen to make flexible mold. make a wood form to hold the evergreen and pour it then insert the object half to reproduce.

RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

Styrofoam is great!
I just made a mold from blue styrofoam that I cut with my bandsaw. I use 2.5 inch thick stuff and stack them to make inside forms for odd shaped troughs.
I tape them together with TUCK (not DUCT) tape.
You can even make molds that enclose the form as long as you have a hole big enough to pull out the pieces of your form.

I just slapped mud on one this morning.
It's getting a bit warm to work in the afternoon.:)

RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

Use store bought(E-Bay!)molds,bowls,have used wooden molds,and styro.Now making molds from silicone and from Urethane rubber.
And,when I go to the dump,I check out what people are throwing away-nothing yet,but I remain hopeful...

RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

  • Posted by: kobold Vancouver BC (My Page) on Tue, Jul 19, 05 at 11:27

Cardboard boxes for planters.

Flat cardboard boxes combined with sand ( to get irregular shapes) for stepping stones.

All kind of household items, baking pans, spring forms, plastic juice containers.

Garbage can lid for big, flat shape, for roof for japanese lanterns.

Wire frame of lamp shades for planters.

Parts of light fixtures (for square roof of japanese lantern, for sphere)

Tubes from different materials for columns.

Plastic planters for different shapes.

Sand to cast any shape you can make.

Anything, your imagination is the limit.


I love dumps!

Rick you are a lucky bugger.
I used to love the dump but now it's illegal to remove anything from our local dumps. they get very nasty if you try to grab anything.

RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

If you look up top, under FAQ, there is a thread "What makes a good mold" That thread never goes away. Is this what you are trying to do? There are also recipes there.

RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

  • Posted by: kobold Vancouver BC (My Page) on Wed, Jul 20, 05 at 16:30

BB - you are absolutely right!

Don't try to fix something what isn't broken! - the old
rule is still on.


RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

One of my favorite molds is an oval galvanized steel tub. It gives me the shape of the traditional troughs used in England. I have formed Hypertufa over the mold as well inside, giving me two different sized molds.

RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

my genious idea was to gather a thread that will contain only information no chat about subject. this you can't find in here.

I had to try to realize that it's not possible to be done since there will always be person to chat in thread.

thats ok it's not possible and I learned from it and move on.

see when I came here the first time I got a lot of information and still today but after a while I realized that I spend a lot of time to search for answers.

That's normal but being a techky worker I learn from thick dense information manual and figured that newbie could have a good benefits from one subject thread(no chat).

This would help reduce the duplication of questions. it's not everybody that know how to search it's a learning curve even or me.

thats all right... I pretend that life is a question of degrees 360 degres of perspectives for one situation while we can handle only few of them ;o)

that's why now i build my own bible on the subject from thousands of users ;o) later will build my web site to share with people the document.

RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

In my internet travels I remember seeing a little wedge tufa bowl with four round legs. I said that is a great mold.
Look what I found yesterday. The EXACT mold. I bought two.

It was 99 cents but oddly (for me )it is made in Israel. I can't recall ever buying anything made in Israel before.

RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

EasterIslandGiant, do you understand that this thread will eventually disappear? while the information provided in the FAQ section will not? What you are trying to do is noble but contrary to how the forum works.
Best regards,

RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

see one more thing i learned today. nice thanks.

always though the FAQ was on how to use the forum LOL...
usualy it is.. anyway it opoen a new perspective to me.


RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

I use Biiig Plastic Flower pots - one for the inside, one outside, also plastic lined stainless steel restaurant supply bowls. Plywood for troughs, and I am just getting a metal fabrication company to make repacements for my cardboard sonotube molds for circular pots, and pedestals. So far, so good.

I have blue styrofoam for custom trough sizes. I've never tried it for the inside of troughs. Think I will. I use metal corner bead (for gyprock) as L-brackets for the inside plywood molds, screwing together and then apart. Lotsa work to take apart, and scrape and then scrub the plywood.


RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

EasterIslandGiant, please don't be upset with the people on this forum. You had a very good ideas, but I only said that FAQ was already set up to be a "permanent" thread with ideas to help new people. If you want, you can gather good mold/form ideas that are NOT already in FAQ and try to submit them so they will be included in the FAQ. Then your ideas will be there permanently. Many people do not know what the FAQ contains, and do not bother to look there. Your idea was a good one, but as spiderwoman said, the items in this discussion area eventually disappear, but the FAQ thread will always be there. Hope you have many happy experiences with your 'tufa projects!

RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

TY ButterflyBush, My question then is, how/where do we submit things for the FAQ? Thanks.

RE: Mold/Form Bank Thread

Hmmmm, good question. Peak had added some of those things to the FAQ, but I don't know how. I'll have to find out how he did it and I'll get back to you RH. I think he had sent the list to Spike, but I am not sure that Spike is still here. I'll be back when I get an answer. BB

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