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Newbie: planting orchard in Los Angeles, flats of SFV

15 years ago

Newbie to this board. Please excuse my ignorance!

We will be planting an orchard on a recently acquired parcel, about 5000 sq ft. of land in the center of the San Fernando Valley, zone 10, according to this board. Some shade on the south side of the property due to neighbors' tall trees, but good sun along 3/4 of the land on the north side of the property.

There are two tall, old (40+ years) persimmon trees already doing very nicely. According to the past owner, very productive in October. How long will these trees live? We don't particularly like persimmons, but we do not want to uproot these venerable trees.

So, what would YOU advise? We were thinking: fig, orange, lime, peach, nectarine, apricot, grapefruit, avocado, pomegranite, maybe even some "exotic" fruit like mango, guava and papaya. Are we nuts? And do we plant any nuts?

Is there enough space for a dozen different types of trees? Do we need (at least) two of each tree?

Where can we find, perhaps, an expert to advise us in situ, and a qualified person for annual pruning? Where can we find the best quality fruit trees on sale?


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