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Asian Pear with black spots on leaves, small worm

9 years ago

I have a Drippin Honey Asian Pear tree planted two years ago. It has not yet bloomed (not sure if that is normal) and last year leaves began to turn black and dropped even though I sprayed with a home-made spray (forget the mixture I got off gardening forum). This year, it was looking great and added a foot or two of top growth and then today I noticed black spots starting again. Like last year, the tip of the tree seems to be taking the worst of it, and it moves down the tree, with the bottom branches not yet affected. Many leaves seem to display black near the base of the leaf at the stem and then speckles on the leaf. Seems to me like there is some significance to the damage at the leaf/stem junction. I picked a leaf to come inside and google for possible causes and after examining with a magnifying glass, I finally spotted a small green worm about .5" long or smaller and very slender. Bright green like some cabbage worms but smaller. Any ideas what I am dealing with? I had already decided from my google searches to spray with copper sulfate for fungus and did that late today. I am not sure if it is a single problem or if the small worm eating the leaf is unrelated to the black spots on other parts of the leaf.

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