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Any ideas on how to keep records of your houseplants?

15 years ago

Does anyone have any ideas they can share on keeping good records of your houseplants? I saw that some keep records on their garden outdoors...

Might you have a simple way of doing this.

Take for instance like writing down the details of each plants needs, and fertilzers you should feed? What you have fed them and the last time you did? When is the last time a certain fertilzer or additive such as epsoms was used? When was it transplanted last? When was it watered last?? When bought and where? How old the plant is? What the soil is made of it sits in, and the ingrediants you use to make the soil?

This would be needed to duplictae the soil if a transplant should have to come up, right?

Does anyone have a record keeping system they use that is easy to use? Any ideas? I would love to try this.

Someone once told me to use popsicle sticks in each pot with the plant name at least that is a start...Hum

Thanks alot:-)

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