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Deer munched and sun cracked Asian pears

11 years ago

About 2 weeks ago a friend left my gate open and all the trees in my 1st yr. orchard that had already leafed out got munched. The worst was my 5-way asian pear tree. It had the most foiliage at that point of any of them so they really munched it.
Now it has leaves on 3 of the varieties but the 2 lowest ones have only green leaf stems sticking out and no leaves have re-grown. Should i keep waiting or is there some kind of pruning i should do?
I painted the trunks today and noticed the Housui had 3 cracks going up the south facing side. It's only gotten really hot a few times for a few days but.. Anyway i just painted over the cracks. Anything else to do about this?

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