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Will amended topsoil work with outside grown House plant?

10 years ago

I am growing Radermachera sinica aka china doll outside again this year. I did it a couple of years ago, but i just seeded them into square 4" pots in trays and never repotted them. This year i started them early, sown into a 72 cell liner under flouresent lights. I was planning on potting them outside in late april/may into cheater 8 (1 gallon or so) pots. I am gonna have 72 of these plants (yes i know im crazy but i like florida!) Now for soil they like something earthy yet somewhat well draining. Potting soil with sand and peat is the ideal mix. You need something heavy, coz if these dry out completely they will wither and die within a few hours. I also plan to soil drench with banrot fung. at time of planting. Im just gonna do it like they do in florida, line the pots up, fill em with dirt, make castes in the pots and plop them in. But im gonna need quite a bit of soil for 72 1 gallon pots. I was thinking of going and picking up some topsoil, amending it with pot. soil or humus, big bales of peat, and sand. Boy is that gonna be a heavy mix tho. I am running a pot rignt now as a test, and the 7" pot weighs like ten pounds. I think this will work, but i really should sterilize it somehow. I have systemic pesticde for insects, and osmocote in a big container for their top dress. I don't have much choice but to grow them in the sun since im gonna do this in my backyard. Well anyway that is my plan for this year, let me know what you think.

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