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Peach: leaf veins turning yellow

14 years ago

I have a young Frost peach tree on Citation whose older leaves are falling down. There's no blisters and the leaves are not deformed at all (so I don't think its PLC) However, they become pale green without wilting, the petiole turns yellow and the veins yellow and red. At each node the tree has about 3-4 leaves, and the bottom (oldest) one or two have this symptom. Is this a disease / deficiency, or is it normal?

A little history on the tree: planted bareroot in Janaury, soil is on the clay side and drainage is not perfect (but there was never standing water above the soil). The tree is about 3 ft tall with 4 scaffold branches, had about a dozen flowers, set 5 fruits and I removed 2 (so now it has 3). At every node there are about 4 leaves, but no vigorous shoots. It hasn't been sprayed, fertilized or watered (only from the rain, 0.5-1" per week) A soil test last year showed high levels of K, and medium N and P.

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