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HELP! Are my strawberry plants doomed??

16 years ago

The local 4-H was selling plants this year, so I thought it would be a great idea to start a strawberry garden. I bought 100 strawberry plants (it was cheaper to buy them by 100) and I figured I could give some away if I didn't use them all. I have a big area covered in grass that I planned to make into the garden. I finally started doing some research since the plants will arrive soon. I quickly learned that I should have prepared the garden last year and I'm way behind. Is there any way to prep this garden in a couple weeks in order to plant the strawberries? Can I use roundup to kill the grass and then plow up the garden? How should I prepare the soil? I don't think I have time to do a thorough soil test, but will one of those pH soil test kits work? Or, are my plants doomed and I should give up? HELP PLEASE!!

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