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My money tree (Pachira Aquatica) is dying, please help!

14 years ago

Hi, I have this money tree for about 8 months now, it's about 5 feet tall. Initially it was very happy, has new sprouts all the time. Since a few month ago some leaves start to look pale then wilt and drop. When it "look pale", it almost look like there are spider mites, but no, I checked the leave carefully and never found any.

Today I found one of the trunk (of the braids) is drying up, and it looks more like a problem of the root. It's still in the original 10 in pot, do I need to repot it? Since repot usually brings a new shock to the plants, I doubt if I should do that.

Here're some pictures of the leaves that having problem, and the drying trunk.

Early stage of drying leaf:


Later stage of drying leaf:


The drying trunk:


Thanks a lot!!

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