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Rex begonias at HD!

16 years ago

Oh boy, now I've really done it! I also posted on the begonia forum, but that forum doesn't get much traffic, so thought I'd tell you guys I found Rexes at HD! I've never seen any for sale, ever, at any of the garden centers near me. I was so excited and shocked! They had several cultivars (forgot to write down the names, of course) and I ended up buying Alburquerque Midnight Sky, Capricorn and Mini Buttons. I have always admired them online, but never saw rexes in person, and even though I've read they are temperamental and fussy, I couldn't resist. Oh. . .they also had Iron Cross, but everything I've read about them is that they are very difficult. So I resisted, but am still sorely tempted to go back and get it. These little beauties are in 4" pots and they were only $2.97 each. I live in the desert, and its very arid here. I have them on pebble trays, but I hear they don't like to be misted. Any suggestions would be great. Also, what cultivars do you guys have, and do they do OK indoors for you? Anyone have success with Iron Cross? Should I go back and get that one too????


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