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Weeding Around Raspberry Bushes

13 years ago


I planted several raspberry and blackberry bushes last year. Each of the 4 beds is about 4-5 ft. wide and roughly 15 ft. long. I didn't use any mulch in the beds so that I could prevent slugs and disease. The bushes are planted in clay soil which retains lots of moisture. I read that you can plant grass in between the beds to prevent the bushes from spreading outside of their designated area. So I planted grass between the beds and am now using the grass strips as a walking path. However, I've noticed that the grass has now started to creep into the berry beds. This probably sounds like a silly question but is this a problem? I'm torn between letting the grass slowly creep into the beds or getting some plastic edging to confine the grass to just the path area.

Will the grass harm the berry productivity? Also, I've heard that you need to be careful cultivating around berry bushes due to their shallow root system. Assuming that the intruding grass is a problem, should I use a weeding tool to pull the grass out?

Thanks a million!!!

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